A collection of individual attributes that include characteristics like gender, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, disability and age as well as perspective, thought, education and experience.

This idea includes all the ways in which people differ and all the characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. Inclusion is about creating an environment where diverse individuals have a real sense of belonging, respect and support, and feel connected with others.

We have an absolute commitment to creating an inclusive working environment for all our people

We know that it is through the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, viewpoints and skills of our people that we gain the ability to think innovatively and develop creative solutions. We nurture an open environment where everyone is treated fairly, with respect and has the opportunity to achieve success for themselves as well as for our business.

When it comes to hiring decisions, everyone is assessed on the basis of three sets of criteria: what the role requires, their skills and abilities, and always, for their aptitude and ability to embrace and upload our core values.

Gender Equality Report

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