Since 2015 we’ve proudly supported the Saints as a Principal Partner and their official lender. We are excited to re-sign once again with St Kilda for the 2021 season, but this time we have expanded our focus to include various community initiatives. Over the next season we will partner with the Saints to help make a real difference in areas of the community that are traditionally under-served.

We are proud to be supporting initiatives that champion inclusiveness and diversity, some of which include SaintsPlay, Play To Your Strengths, the Saints’ multicultural ambassador program and St Kilda’s deaf, blind and wheelchair football teams.

Pepper Money and St Kilda #TogetherWeRise

To announce our partnership extension for season 2021 we held  a Pepper Picnic with community leaders and groups at the spiritual home ground of St Kilda, Moorabbin. The event not only signifies the partnership, it’s a celebration of community reconnection for St Kilda’s community leaders and groups following Victoria’s lockdown.


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Connection, community and helping others:

Meet the Angels

The Angels, a much-loved supporter group of the club, were recently recognised, celebrated and gifted 100 memberships in their name, all thanks to club Community Partner Pepper Money.

A group of volunteers ranging in ages and backgrounds, the Angels are bonded by their love of the Saints and have been supporting and feeding the club for 35 years. Their volunteering work includes fundraising, player sponsorship and serving up food for the football department.

The Angels have donated those 100 memberships to St Kilda Football Club’s Community Team, which were then handed on to students of its All Nations School Program.

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SaintsPlay Stories:

Kaitlyn Nawrocki’s first taste of footy

Meet Kaitlyn, a 7-year-old blind girl who isn’t able to have many of the same experiences as other kids her age. She has to deal with a lot of challenges every day, and it can be tough for her to take part in community sport. But thanks to SaintsPlay, she was able to come and try football for the first time.

SaintsPlay is a program catered to children with autism and other learning disabilities. The program enables them to come down and enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Often we can take for granted the things that come so easily to us, or are second-nature. Kaitlyn’s happiness at learning a new skill is a reminder of the importance of community programs and what they can do.

As Co-Principal and Community Partner of St Kilda Football Club, we're proud to be able to support the Saints with these wonderful initiatives. You can read more about Kaitlyn's story below.

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VWFL Saints versus Richmond:

Wheelchair footy at a glance

This week we take a deep dive into the world of Wheelchair footy with a close look at the VWFL Saints recent Victorian Wheelchair Football League clash against Richmond.

Wheelchair footy rules at a glance:

  • Played on an indoor basketball/netball court between two teams of five, plus interchange players. The game consists of four 10-minute quarters with no time-on. The field is divided into three zones: a centre zone and two scoring zones. Players are restricted to which zone they can enter and are required to wear a coloured item to differentiate themselves as either a forward, centre or back.

  • A handball is equivalent to a kick and a thrown ball equivalent to a pass. The ball may not be thrown overarm. A mark is awarded when the ball has travelled three or more metres.

  • Teams score by handballing or passing the football into their attacking scoring zone to the designated scorer, who can score a goal or behind by handballing the ball between the goal posts.

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Have a look below to see the great initiatives we have worked on with St Kilda over the last year:

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