As Australia’s number one non-bank lender, we help everyday Aussies succeed through providing flexible, real-life loan options.

We live by our mission and three key brand values: Can Do, Balanced and Real.

An equally important part of what we do is getting behind local community organisations and helping them flourish. Let’s see if we’re a fit to work together.

2022 Commercial Sponsorships

Let's see if we're a fit to work together

Shared Values
Shared Values

We partner with like-minded organisations that share our mission and values. 


We’d like to be your only financial and credit category partner. 

Audience Engagement
Audience Engagement

We want to engage with your community in a way that adds mutual and relevant value. 

Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness

Building each other’s brands over the length of our partnership. 

Acquisition and Retention
Acquisition and Retention

We’d love to get your help in acquiring new customers and engaging with existing customers.


We like to know how things are going with detailed reporting on KPIs throughout our partnership. 

Note: We are not actively pursuing new commercial sponsorships for 2022.

When we might not sponsor you or your organisation

We’re careful about who we partner with and generally prefer to sponsor inclusive groups that reach across multiple communities and align with our values and business objectives.

We generally won’t partner with:

  • Organisations or activities that go against our brand values and business needs.
  • Organisations or groups whose planned activities could be potentially hazardous such as gambling, alcohol, smoking or drug related activities.
  • Political organisations or campaigns.
  • Religious groups, unless they are affiliated with an organisation which benefits the community.
  • Race specific organisations.
  • Organisations linked to contentious issues.
  • An individual (or small group/team) seeking support for personal interests.
Pepper Money Sponsorships

We’re not currently looking for new sponsorship partners in 2022. If you’d like to be considered for a partnership in 2023, get in touch.

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