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We have offices in Ireland, Spain, the UK and South Korea.

15 years into our journey, we are a much bigger company but our values and philosophy have not changed. We have been successful in growing into these diverse markets because we deliver one common solution: locally developed products and services that meet existing gaps in need.

We specialise in creating flexible solutions based on a case-by-case assessment of the situation. Whether very big or really small, our role is to continue to find new ways to support people to achieve their ambitions.

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Global Investments

Prime credit logo

Pepper invests in growth in China

Pepper has an equity interest in Prime Credit, a leading specialist consumer finance lender in Hong Kong and southern China. Prime Credit operates within the non-bank lending sector and they offer personal loans and credit cards.

Prime Credit has strong brand recognition and a commitment to customer service and relationship management similar to that of Pepper. Pepper is working closely with Prime Credit to provide strategic and operational advice to extend its already strong Hong Kong presence into the fast-growing Chinese consumer market.

Read more about our investment in PrimeCredit.

1776 Logo

Pepper supports a global innovation network

Pepper has invested in a US based global innovation network known as 1776, who foster start-ups seeking to disrupt regulated fields such as education, energy and sustainability, healthcare, transportation and city planning with a new financial vertical to be added in 2016.

Through its investment in 1776, Pepper is looking to support start-up businesses and in turn gain access to new and innovative ideas from a range of industries.

Read more about our investment in 1776.

In an effort to champion innovation in the financial services industry, Pepper is proud to have also kicked off the first of our PepTalk series featuring 1776s renowned entrepreneur Evan Burfield, Co-founder and CEO. Watch the event highlights here.