Bernie Campbell


Managing Director Pepper Asset Finance

In October 2014 Bernie was appointed Managing Director for the newly formed Asset Finance Division of the Pepper Group. Bernie was previously Managing Director of Capital Finance Australia Limited and a member of the Executive Board for the Lloyds Banking Group businesses in Australia for 6 years having been one of five executives responsible for the start-up of Capital in 1995.

Capital Finance was a leading independent specialist financier of motor vehicles, plant and equipment with over 400 operational staff and 150 support staff and receivables of more than $6.5bn across consumer, commercial, large corporate, government and multi-national customers.

Following the acquisition of Capital Finance on 31st December 2013 by St George Bank for a significant premium Bernie headed up the St George Asset Finance Division, one of the largest specialist asset finance businesses in Australia with $18 billion in assets, 0.5 million customers, and $8 billion of new lending annually.

Bernie is a non-executive director of publicly listed auction house, Grays E-Commerce Group Limited and the Australian Finance Conference, the national industry association for consumer and asset financiers in Australia.

Bernie is a Master of Applied Finance (Macquarie University) and has completed the Advanced Management Programme at INSEAD.