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By clicking on 'Accept and Proceed' below, I:

  1. Authorise PEPL Holdings Ltd (the “Access Seeker”) to request my credit score from Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited, a Credit Reporting Body;
  2. Instruct the Access Seeker to disclose that credit score and other personal information to Pepper Money Limited to request a potential interest rate for a home loan. I acknowledge and agree to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information in accordance with the Access Seeker’s Privacy Policy;
  3. Authorise to have my identifying information checked against official records (e.g. a Government database) by a third party service provider to confirm my identity. I understand I will have the option to provide my Australian driver licence details for this process;
  4. Confirm that I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident, over 18 years of age and the individual whose details are provided in the tool;
  5. Understand that the tool will only use my credit information as the primary applicant; and
  6. Acknowledge this tool does not provide a formal approval for a loan and I should not enter commitments based on it. I understand it is a guide to that provides an indication based on the basic information I have provided.


All applications are subject to the lender’s credit assessment and eligibility criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.

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