5 ideas for gifts you can get sorted without even leaving your desk

Posted 15-12-2017
Pepper Money Christmas Operations

It’s just our small way of saying thank you. Your support during another great year has been fantastic. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Idea number 1: A 12 day set
Write a letter that says: This year I want to give you the gift of my time. Here are 12 envelopes, one for each month of 2018. Inside each one is a voucher for...enter your gift here…which could be babysitting, kid free dates, cleaning duties, cinema trips [a great one to commit to with your kids]…an awesome gift that will keep them happy all year long.

Idea number 2: A subscription box
All the rage, subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving. Basically, every month a box arrives in the mail filled with all manner of themed items. There are all sorts of boxes, such as for kids’ science projects, dog or cat lovers, foodies or bookworms. Basically, there's a subscription box for just about anything you can think of.

Idea number 3: A gift card
With basically every retailer/service in the world offering gift cards, it should be a piece of cake to find one that your lover, kid, distant family member or the coworker that you got for secret Santa would like.

Idea number 4: Digital games codes
If you know any kind of gamer and need a last minute gift, save yourself the mad dash to a store and opt for a digital code instead. If they play on a console like the Xbox One or the PS4 you can get digital codes from Amazon, Microsoft, or Sony. If they like playing PC titles, there isn't a better option than Steam, which lets you to gift a game directly to their account.

Idea number 5: Premium memberships
Spotify, Netflix, Audible, the local gym, and so many more, all offer premium services with a slightly higher price tag and even more features (or less ads). You'll have to have a general idea of what your happy recipient enjoys the most, but armed with that knowledge you can expand their experience.

We hope this helps you get your last minute gifts sorted. Helping people succeed is what we do here at Pepper Money – but we couldn’t do it without you.