Radio Advert - Real Life home loans for real people

Posted 08-09-2017

54% of Aussies still don’t know where to go when they’re turned down for a loan

Like you, we want to see more Australians settled into their dream home. Our latest campaign “Real life home loans for real people” connects with Aussies who feel they’ve reached the end of the road. Our radio ads bring to life the human stories behind the home loan applications. Using testimonials from real life customers we show that Pepper Money gets it. We get real life, its hurdles and unexpected events and we’re committed to providing a credible alternative to the banks.

You work hard to open doors for your clients and, through sharing real life stories from customers we’ve helped, we hope to get more people through yours. 

Be sure to keep an ear out for our radio ads or click on the links below to listen; we would love to hear your feedback.