John Kennebury, Aussie, Belmont

John Kennebury

I'm sold on Specialist Lending because...

"it completes a full range of funding products available to the consumer."

Have you always used Specialist Lenders?

Yes l have always used specialist lenders to make funding available for those who may or may not fit mainstream funding.

As a rookie I learnt the value of providing great service to customers and specialist lending was introduced into my product range very early. When I started mortgage advising, defaults, writs and judgements were common place – and it was my duty to cater to all types of customers.

As a mortgage adviser, we are providing a service to the community – specialist lending solutions are simply part of that service.

What was the motivation or turning point for you to try Specialist Lending?

Years ago I had a customer with multiple unpaid bills of various nature – she was behind her mortgage payments by 2 months and she was stressed and emotional. Specialist Lending assisted her in re-organising her life and put her in a better financial position; it changed her life. It was, and is, a necessary part of funding to support the needs of the community.

I still don’t understand why brokers don’t use it. It’s not a brokers place to decide on whether the client should choose the loan or not but to provide the information so they can decide.

How is writing a Specialist Loan different to a prime loan?

It's no different! It has the same requirements as a regular prime loan. You capture a person’s details and assess the credit risk and provide the consumer with the rate and fees to be charged according to their position.

Always prepare the customer to understand the loan that they may initially have available to them might not be perfect however I will provide them with a plan B.

What benefits has Specialist Lending provided your business with?

  • Alternative funding for tricky/outside normal policy realms of mainstream
  • Opportunity to provide finance to other unqualified customers of banking
  • Satisfied and very happy clientele that we have gone the full 10 yards to support them
  • Lots more referrals
  • We get paid for this!

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