Katrina Rowlands, Mortgage Success

Katrina Rowlands

I'm sold on Specialist Lending because...

"it lets me fulfil my clients' unmet needs"

Client case study

Mortgage Success used a specialist lending solution to fulfil their clients' unmet needs.

The Problem

  • My long term clients, a husband and wife, were both in highly successful careers and on the road to a great future.
  • The wife was suddenly diagnosed with a brain virus. She was off work immediately.
  • While the husband mostly coped financially during the 18 months in which it took for the wife to recover; the reduction of one income did result in some late payments and minor arrears.
  • All of their lenders showed understanding throughout this time by holding back repayments. However once the client was back on her feet again, while every lender wanted a solution, no one was willing to provide it.

The Solution

  • I approached Pepper Money who really took the time to listen to the situation.
  • Pepper Money understood that the clients' needs were unexpected and required special consideration, and were able to provide support to my clients.
  • By consolidating all of the clients’ debts into one loan, Pepper Money was able to provide my clients with a long-term solution to managing their financial commitments.

The Outcome

  • The clients were ecstatic that they were finally able to start moving forward; as the alternative was the loss of their home.
  • Not only was it great for my business not to lose these clients, I was extremely satisfied that I was able to fulfil my clients’ needs and provide the support they needed at the time.

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