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Specialist Lending is all about providing solutions

Pepper Money can help you assist a wide range of clients by always looking at the bigger picture. We take your clients’ individual circumstances into account and in many cases can accept common scenarios that many traditional lenders decline.

Three loan products, one application form – Let Pepper Money do the work

Pepper Money will always assess your client’s application under the Prime range first, and will automatically reassess across our Near Prime and Specialist home loans if it does not fit Prime criteria. In most cases we can provide you with a solution for your client, saving you the time and effort of reapplying.

Some of the common scenarios we receive do involve credit impairment that can often occur following a ‘life event’ such as marriage breakdown or a job loss. Other times it may be a borrower’s income sources or employment type preventing them from securing finance. Whatever the circumstances, if an application doesn’t meet traditional lending criteria, it is time for a second opinion.

Prime Home Loans House
Prime Solutions

A standard home loan with a competitive variable interest rate, flexible repayment options and typical loan features such as a 100% interest offset sub-account.

Near Prime Loans House
Near Prime Solution

A home loan for borrowers who have maintained a clean credit history for the last 2 years.

Specialist Solutions Loans House
Specialist Solutions

A home loan catering to borrowers who may have had credit impairment within the last 2 years.

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