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Pepper Money’s Near Prime home loans cater to customers who are on the cusp of prime. The loan not only offers a host of flexible features, but it’s also available as a Full Doc loan or an Alt Doc loan.

Key Features

Available as a Full Doc or Alt Doc home loan.

  • No third party approval required from Lender’s Mortgage Insurance providers

Unlike other lenders, Pepper Money does not require approval from a third party mortgage insurer. Pepper Money offer Near Prime loans with flexible features and can cater to a client’s individual circumstances.

  • No credit scoring

Expert underwriters manually assess your client’s circumstances to increase the likelihood of finding a solution.

  • Unlimited Credit Impairment over 24 months

Clients with an unlimited number paid or unpaid defaults, judgements or writs of any value are considered provided the credit impairment is registered over 24 months. Pepper Money will also consider a client discharged from bankruptcy.

  • No Genuine Savings required

Your clients can use an inheritance or gifted funds for a deposit.

  • Loan Purpose

Purchase, refinance or construction of owner occupied and investment properties (including vacant land on Full Doc Loans). Pepper Near Prime loans allow unlimited number of debt consolidation and cash out for acceptable purposes including renovations and business use (excluding construction loans).

  • Alternative Documentation (Alt Doc)

Under the Alt Doc Near Prime loan, an applicant’s income can be verified by either 6 months business bank statements, 6 months BAS or a Pepper Accountant’s Letter. 24 month ABN & 12 month GST registration is required.

  • 100% interest offset sub-account

With our 100% interest offset sub-account and Visa debit card; your clients can reduce the interest payable on their home loan whilst having access to transaction facilities.

  • Redraw

Access funds that are available for redraw on the internet, on the phone or via ATMs.

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Note - All applications are subject to Pepper Money’s normal credit assessment and loan suitability criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.