Case Study - Dave

Meet Dave…

Dave's Case Study

A successful new business owner looking to buy his first home.

  • Age: 31
  • Turnover: Annualises to $215,000
  • Occupation: Self-employed with a construction business. ABN registered over 24 months ago


Having worked really hard to get his construction business up and running, Dave was in a position to buy his own place.

Although Dave’s been running a successful business and has a clean credit history, his bank had refused to help him with a home loan because although he’d registered his ABN 24 months earlier he’s only actually been operating for 6 months and he’s yet to finalise his tax returns with his accountant.


Luckily Dave had a friend who knew a great broker who knew about Alt Doc Loans, which meant his dream of buying his own home could be a reality.

Since he had a clean credit history, an ABN registered for at least 24 months and could supply 2 forms of alternative income documentation (6 months BAS, and/or 6 months BBS and/or a completed Peppers Accountants Letter Template), his broker was able to assist Dave with a Pepper Prime Alt Doc home loan.

He was not only delighted to be offered a solution despite only being in operation a short time but was thrilled to find out that Pepper’s Prime Alt Doc product interest rate was on par with the rate from the traditional lender that had turned him down.

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