Case Study - Jennifer

Meet Jennifer...

Case Study Jennifer

A small business owner who was looking to increase her cash flow

  • Age: 36 years old
  • Super: $20K
  • Occupation: Opened her own florist business 18 months ago
  • Assets: Apartment $620K; Van $40K; Car $15K
  • Income: 2012 taxable $25K and 2013 taxable $80k. Current profit level is $120K
  • Liabilities: Mortgage $300K; Overdraft $40K; Credit Cards $40K; Lease Hire Purchase $38K
  • Credit Impairment: 2 months current mortgage arrears and a telco default of $1,200 from 2013


Jennifer had used a business overdraft facility secured by her home to cover her business start-up costs. The business had grown fast and she was now leasing a delivery van and had acquired multiple credit cards.

6 months ago Jennifer's mortgage had gone into arrears when her van was taken off the road after a motor accident resulting in a loss of income while she waited for the insurance claim to clear.

Jennifer had been managing the minimum repayments on her debts but she had not been able to get back on top of her finances.

A debt consolidation would reduce her monthly commitment allowing her to focus on continuing to grow the business.

The Solution

Jennifer was able to qualify for a Pepper Money Specialist Alt Doc home loan which can tolerate up to 2 months mortgage arrears.

To verify her income, she was able to provide a declaration of financial position plus 6 months BAS OR 6 month's business bank statements.

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