Case Study - Theo

Meet Theo...

Case Study Theo

He was looking to consolidate debts and a history of credit defaults

  • Age: 32 years old
  • Occupation: PAYG Carpenter
  • Income: Averaging $1,800 per week
  • Assets: $400K home, $25K Ute; $12K Tools of Trade
  • Liabilities: $150K Mortgage; $15K Car Loan; $20K Personal Loan; $25K Credit Card; $20K Credit Card; $10K Credit Card; $10K Store Card; $5K Interest Free Card
  • Credit Impairment: $5K credit default registered 18 months ago (unpaid); $500 Utilities default registered 2 months ago (unpaid)


Theo had been through a divorce 18 months previously. He had taken over all marital debts and in addition he had accumulated a $20K personal loan which was used to pay legal fees when the property settlement was finalised.

Theo's mortgage statements were up-to-date but this broker noticed that the payments were often a week late and a few of the cards were also over their limit.

The Solution

Theo was able to qualify for a Pepper Money Specialist Full Doc home loan.

Pepper Money does not credit score and does not have a limit on the number of debts that can be consolidated.

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