Why should I use Pepper's 5 Step Process?

Imagine that a lender has just advised you that they will not accept your loan submission for one of your clients. The reasons they give are that your client did not meet the requirements of their credit scoring model or mortgage insurer, or perhaps they have a default registered on their credit report that you were not aware of. In other words, you submitted the application with a mainstream lender, and this submission has been declined.

Pepper’s 5 Step process outlines a highly successful approach for you as a broker to deal with these types of situations, so you can find an alternative solution for your clients that still meets their immediate needs.


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Benefits of learning Pepper's 5 Step Process

  • Increase conversion. You will be able to increase your conversion rate from interview to settlement.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Better manage your customer's emotional state and expectation to create a positive way forward.
  • Maximises referrals opportunities. Simply by offering your client an alternative option when they may have been turned away elsewhere, you are more likely to be referred.
  • CPD Points. Earn 3 CPD points by completing this module.
  • Create a client for life. This process allows you to build long term objectives and create strong foundations for a lasting relationship with the client.
  • Tried and tested method. It works! Pepper’s 5 Step Process has been used by high performing brokers for over 5 years to achieve success.


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