Third Party Servicing Capabilities

Pepper is a specialist loan servicer that manages its own-originated and third-party originated loan books across a broad range of real estate and consumer loan asset classes, including:

Asset Classes

  • residential mortgages (including reverse mortgages)
  • consumer unsecured and secured loans
  • commercial real estate (CRE) backed loans
  • auto and equipment leases

All our products have a large suite of features that would be expected by customers. These include an online loan portal, debit cards and many more.

Pepper’s servicing business involves the management of loans on behalf of its funding vehicles and third-party beneficial owners of the relevant loans by managing collections, enforcement and engaging with customers.

Pepper applies a lender's mind-set to its loan servicing activities to deliver strong customer management and collection outcomes as measured by portfolio arrears levels, augmented by loss mitigation strategies.

Pepper similarly applies its experience in loan servicing to the design of new lending products and related pricing for risk strategies thereby facilitating a continuous feedback loop between its specialist lending and loan servicing activities.

Overview of our capabilities


Global servicer with a lender’s mindset

Proven track record

Proven track record of enhancing returns and managing multiple servicing contracts

Product classes

Experience and infrastructure to service multiple product classes

Modular services approach

Modular services approach to meet your specific needs

highest standards

Apply the highest standards of corporate governance to our portfolios

Best Third-Party Servicing Solutions

We treat borrowers on a case by case basis ensuring the best solution for them


We support full end-to-end servicing or tailor made solutions




 Servicing  Transactional Service
  • Application Processing
  • Credit Review
  • Credit Approval
  • Security Documentation
  • Non-legal conditions
  • Certification
  • Instructions
  • Legal conditions
  • Settlement
  • Arrears Management
  • Transaction Processing
  • Variations
  • Special Servicing
  • Broker back book management
  • Complaints Management
  • Account Administration
  • Finance Processing
  • Collections
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Customer Service
  • Hardship
  • Back-up Servicing
  • Custody
  • Trust Management

Other Capabilities

  •   Customer Portal
  •   B2B Marketing

Want to know more? 

Download our third-party servicing presentation to obtain a complete outline of our expertise and capabilities.