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As many of our customers deal with the growing challenges of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to make sure you have the information you need to help you understand the options that may be available to you.

Whether you are preparing for changes ahead or if you are having difficulty meeting your financial obligations today, please let us know sooner rather than later so that we can discuss your unique situation.

You may also want to obtain support from an advice professional, or a financial counsellor to assist you to understand your options.

Options to help you

Repayment Holiday Fact Sheet
Repayment Holiday Fact Sheet

What you need to know about financial assistance in the form of a repayment holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

View our list of FAQs to help answer any financial assistance questions you may have.

Repayment Deferral Calculator
Repayment Deferral Calculator

Calculate the impacts of deferring your home loan repayments.

Existing Home Loan features that may assist you
Existing features on your loan

Your loan account has features that may assist you with your current and future needs.

Government Assistance
Government Assistance

It is important to be aware of the Government assistance available to you.

Need some help? View our most common FAQs...

Typically, a “payment holiday” is a temporary suspension to your loan repayments because of temporary financial stress.

At Pepper, you can apply to us for either a reduction to your loan repayment amount for a set period or a repayment break which involves putting a pause on making scheduled repayments on your home loan for a set period of time.

If you have applied for assistance with Pepper and we agree to pause your repayments, your scheduled repayments will likely increase once the repayment break has ended to ensure that your loan is repaid within the remaining loan term.

Please take the time to read about the hardship process and repayment holiday terms here in our Fact Sheet.

Customers who receive financial assistance from Pepper Money as a direct result of COVID-19 and who were up-to-date with their repayments prior to the assistance, will not have their credit history negatively impacted. To learn more about COVID-19 and your credit health, visit CreditSmart.org.au

Your repayments will be paused during the repayment break; however, it is important to note that interest will continue to accrue and will be added to your loan balance. At the end of the repayment holiday, your loan repayments will likely increase to ensure your loan is repaid within the original loan term. We will contact you prior to the end of the repayment break to discuss your circumstances.

Calculate the impacts of deferring your home loan repayments using our Deferral Calculator here.

30 days before the end of your repayment holiday, Pepper Money will contact you to let you know that this arrangement is coming to an end and that your loan repayments will soon recommence. Learn more about the process here.

To see the full FAQs, click here

CEO update to our customers

Coronavirus updated message to our customers

Helping our customers to recover and get back on track financially is where our focus is as a company.

We understand that many people will be affected by COVID-19 in different ways, which is why we continue to treat all our customers as individuals to help them find the most suitable way through this.

Read the full message from Pepper Money CEO, Mario Rehayem here.

Experiencing Financial Difficulty?

Please call us sooner rather than later.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to afford your loan repayments, groceries or general daily expenses, please apply for assistance here or contact us on 1300 650 931.

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Contact Us
Contact Us

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external counselling organisations
Financial Counselling Associations

Here is a full list of external resources that can assist you.

Real Life Money Management Guide
Real Life Money Management Guide

Whatever your situation, there are things you can do today to look after yourself and your money.

Watch out for scams relating to COVID-19
Watch out for scams relating to COVID-19

Learn how to be alert and stay safe online.

Other helpful information

  • To learn about the impacts of COVID-19 on your credit health and finances, visit CreditSmart.org.au.
  • Be wary of payday loans and companies offering debt rescue services. These quick-fixes can put you at more risk down the line and may charge excessive fees. Read more on the MoneySmart Government website.
  • For more information on Coronavirus including advice on what you can do to protect yourself, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website.
  • Visit our Help Centre for smart budgeting tips, or to self-service log in to your Loan Service Net portal here.