Debt Strategy

“At Pepper we are global leaders in people-focused alternative financing solutions. We are specialists within our chosen markets in Lending, Advisory and Serving across both residential and commercial property sectors.

Across our lending businesses we have adopted a diversified approach to our funding strategy, ranging from on balance sheet wholesale capacity through retail deposits in our South Korean Mutual Savings Bank to traditional securitisation technology.

Our approach to securitised debt funding, is to be a frequent issuer in benchmark sizes into a globally diversified investor base, across a number of asset classes and geographies.  As part of this strategy, we issue in a variety of tenors, currencies and repayment formats. We began issuing in 2003 and since that first transaction we have a 100% track record of calling each of our deals at the first available call date.

I passionately believe in a proactive engagement model with our global investor base, undertaking two debt investor update roadshows during the course of the year, aiming to meet each of our existing investors at least once per annum. Typically these meetings will provide investors with an update on our Corporate Strategy, an indication of our issuance pipeline for the next 12 - 18 months, any new asset classes and / or platforms that we will be bringing to market. We will also augment this work with deal specific roadshows when required. Additionally both Steven Fischer and I are available and happy to directly address any questions you may have.

As of today we are issuing off of three public platforms, being Pepper Prime, Pepper i-Prime and Pepper Residential Securities (PRS) issuing Australian RMBS, with additional international public platforms expected to come online during 2019.”

Andrew Twyford
Group Treasurer