Personal loans application FAQs


How long does it take to apply?
The entire application, from start through to signing the personal loan contract can be completed in as little as 15 - 20 minutes.

Are there any credit checks?
Our application is designed to provide you with an indicative serviceability assessment before you undergo a credit check. You will be notified before any official credit check takes place and the application process will seek your consent for us to access your credit file.

What is credit scoring and what influences my score?
A credit score is used to represent the creditworthiness of the person. Pepper will use credit scores to partly determine who qualifies for a loan, at what interest rate, and what credit limits. Many factors that may impact your credit score can be number of enquires, adverse credit listings and personal information held on credit file.

When will I receive the funds?
Funds will generally be received in your bank account the next business day (subject to your bank’s direct credit processing times).

When the loan settles what will happen?
If you are successfully approved for a loan with Pepper we will disburse the funds as per your instructions within 48 hours. 

Why can’t I just apply over the phone?
Our personal loan product is 100% online for your convenience. There’s no need to call or visit a branch, you can apply for a loan with us in the comfort of your own home, or even on the go with our purpose built mobile-friendly application. However, in the event that you need technical assistance, we can provide assistance by telephone to help you complete your application.

Why do I need to disclose my loan purpose?
As part of Pepper Money’s responsible lending obligations we must enquire about the purpose of the loan. Understanding the purpose also gives Pepper Money the opportunity to ensure that the loan is right for you.

My purpose is not listed on your calculator, what can I do?
Pepper Money can cater to any worthwhile consumer loan purpose. Please call us on 1300 659 430 for more details.

Can I get a loan if I have defaults?
Pepper Money does consider applications that have defaults providing they pass our credit score and application lending criteria.

Where can I retrieve my personal loan application?
Your application can be retrieved here.

NOTE: You'll need your personal loan application code handy. You will find your application code in the email or sms we sent to you when saving your application. 

What if I have lost my personal loan application code?
If you cannot locate your application code, when retrieving your application select 'resend now'. From there, your application code will be re sent to your email or phone.


Do you offer joint applications?
We only accept applications from 1 borrower at this time.

Can you just talk to my husband/wife about it?
Due to privacy guidelines we can only discuss loan details with the applicant.

Can I use my partner's email and phone number?
As the application is in your name, we require your own personal details.

How do I enter my partner's income?
Currently we only cater for applications from 1 borrower and therefore cannot use your partner's income in your loan application.


I’m self-employed, what income do I use?
Please refer to your current notice of assessment, to work out your income. Gross taxable income less tax payable = net annual income.

Eg: Gross taxable income $50,000.00 less tax payable $8,547.00 = $41,453.00 net annual income

Do you take profit and loss?
We may ask for profit and loss however our primary source of documentation for self-employed applicants is the individual’s tax return and notice of tax assessment.

What is primary net income?
Net income is the amount of pay that you receive after tax has been taken out.

How can I include my Centrelink income?
If Centrelink is your primary source of income please include Centrelink under Primary Net Income. If Centrelink is received to supplement your Primary Net Income please include under Secondary Income Type - personal business.

I’ve been previously bankrupt in the past, where can I explain myself?
We will need to complete a credit check first before we can provide you with a credit decision. You should be aware that previously being bankrupt has a significant effect on your credit score and may affect your ability to obtain an unsecured personal loan from Pepper Money.

How can I show a joint debt on my application?
Please enter 100% of the repayment as a minimum if the debt is in joint names.

Where’s the button to add another debt?
You can select the “+” symbol to add another entry.

How do you pay off my credit cards? It’s not asking for who it’s with?
Funds are disbursed into your bank account. It is a condition of the loan that you must repay the credit card debts within 2 days of the loan funds being advanced.


I am an existing customer, why do I need to do the ID?
As we are not dealing with applicant in a face to face manner, we require a photo for facial recognition as part of the identification process.

Why do you need a photo of my face?
As we are not dealing with applicant in a face to face manner, we require a photo for facial recognition as part of the identification process.

It doesn’t give me the option to use a webcam, why?
If the application is not showing this option, then our system has not detected a camera source. Please check your camera settings.

What is is a read only service that retrieves more than 90 days of transactions to be displayed to Pepper to assist with verification of your information on your loan application.

I cannot upload my bank statements; your system is not accepting them?
Please ensure the documents are a valid format (PDF or JPEG). Alternatively please use our online retrieval service.


Receiving dashboard log on and password
If you are successfully approved for a loan with Pepper you will receive an email to setup your dashboard, please follow the instructions provided to create your password to view and access your loan portal.

User name for dashboard
A Username provided by Pepper will be provided on the setup your dashboard email. Alternatively if you have forgotten your username please go to and select Forgotten User ID  Option.

Resetting password for dashboard
If you have forgotten your Password please go to and select Forgotten Password Option.

If you're still having trouble, watch the video below for a step by step guide to our online application, or contact a Pepper Money lending specialist on 1300 659 430.

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