Help with your Pepper Money Visa Debit Card

Safely Managing Your Pepper Money Visa Debit Card

Your Pepper Visa Debit Card is an easy way to access your home loan offset sub-account, but it’s important to manage it safely. Here’s how.


Help! My Visa Debit card has been lost or stolen.

Call Pepper customer service on 1300 650 931 straight away to report your card if it’s lost or stolen. We’ll cancel it, and then order a new one for you. It usually takes 7 to 10 business days for your new card to arrive.

If you need to report a lost or stolen card outside business hours, call the 24-hour Visa Card Emergency Hotline on 1800 621 199 (free call).

Can I still access my funds while my card is blocked?

Yes, you can redraw your funds by logging in to LSN online (provided the linked bank account on file it set up for redraw), and transfer money from your offset into another personal bank account. If you’re having trouble logging in online, please call us on 1300 650 931 Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/AEDT) and we’ll send you a form to request a manual redraw.

There’s a transaction on my debit card account that I didn’t make. What should I do?

Let us know immediately if you don’t recognise a payment made from your Visa Debit card or offset account by calling Pepper customer service on 1300 650 931. We’ll ask you a few questions about the transaction and the merchant, in case it might have been made by someone else you know (such as your partner or child), or is a direct debit you might have forgotten about.

If you want to raise a dispute through Pepper, it will go through an investigation process with the card provider – Indue - and this can take up to 45 business days. As soon as we get a response, we will let you know. Alternatively, you can contact Indue directly on 1800 621 199. 

If your card or account has been compromised, you may need to cancel and request a reissue of your Visa Debit card. This will take 7 to 10 business days, but you can make manual transfers through LSN in the meantime to access your funds.

How do I protect my Visa Debit card account?

It’s very important to take responsibility for the security of your Visa Debit card. Otherwise, you may be liable for unauthorised use. Here are a few things you should do:

Protect your PIN

  • Memorise your PIN, destroy any correspondence about it, and don’t store it on or near your Debit Visa Card
  • Don’t tell anyone your PIN – not even a family member or friend.
  • Don’t choose a PIN that repeats numbers, is your birthday or is easy to guess
  • When you enter your PIN into an ATM or eftpos device, cover the screen so it can’t be seen.

Protect your Visa Debit card

  • Sign your Visa Debit card immediately when you receive it
  • Don’t lend your Visa Debit card to anyone
  • Always keep it with you (don’t leave it in your car or at work)
  • If you get a new card, destroy the old one by cutting through the chip, diagonally in half.

Protect your money

  • Add Indue’s 24-hour Visa Card Emergency Hotline 1800 621 199 (it’s a free call in Australia) to your emergency contact list, in case you need to report a lost or stolen card or need to question a transaction
  • Add Indue’s phone number for calls from overseas (07) 3258 4240
  • Check your account statement as soon as you get it, and get in contact immediately if you suspect an unauthorised transaction.

For additional tips to safeguard your card and protect yourself online, see our 7 steps to avoid falling victim to card fraud.

Oops. I’ve forgotten my PIN

It’s easy to change or re-set your PIN with Pepper’s online customer portal – just log in to Loan Service Net (LSN) and go to Account Options > Account Details to select or change Your card PIN.

If you can’t access your account online or have forgotten your password, you can call us on 1300 650 931 to request a new PIN.

Need more help?

Contact Pepper on 1300 650 931, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm (AEST/AEDT). Alternatively, you can email us at with any questions.

To view the Visa Debit Card Conditions of Use click here.

Indue Limited (ABN 98087822464) is the issuer of the Visa Debit Card (Card) and is a member of Visa. Pepper Money Limited has been appointed as an agent of Indue to promote and distribute the Card.

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