5 tips to go on your dream holiday sooner

5 tips to go on your dream holiday sooner

You’ve had your eye on that dream holiday for a while, but a closer look at your finances shows there’s still some way to go before setting foot on the plane. Luckily, with a little planning and flexibility you can turn your dream into reality without sacrificing too much.

These five tips will guide you towards your dream destination faster than you can say "beach holiday".

1. Take advantage of flight deals

Make the most of early-bird deals that offer flights at bargain prices. Even if your booking is a long way off, keep your eye on comparison sites and follow major airlines on social media to ensure you get the best price. Check out one of the biggest travel expos in Australia which will be held over the months of January, February and March 2017 and kick start your planning!

Another great way to reduce the cost of flights is to accumulate as many frequent flyer points as possible. Luckily, this can be done without boarding a plane. Many award schemes offer points in exchange for money spent on groceries or in participating restaurants.

2. Swap five-star accommodation for home comforts

Accommodation could be one of the biggest costs associated with a holiday, but there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to finding affordable accommodation! Holiday rentals websites like Airbnb and FlipKey make it easy to find affordable accommodation all over the world. Choosing somewhere with a kitchen where you can prepare meals will further reduce expenses.

Alternatively, stay with friends or family who live in your chosen destination. This has the added benefit of exposing you to some useful local knowledge.

3. Avoid the high season

Whether you you’re planning to laze on the beach or carve the slopes, every tourist destination has a high and low season. Prices for flights, accommodation and activities fluctuate dramatically depending on when you visit. Being more flexible with dates and shifting your holiday by a week or two could save a lot of money.

Most accommodation will state their high and low season prices on their website, so you can easily work out the cheapest time to go. An added benefit of travelling during the low season is fewer crowds.

4. Planes, trains or automobiles

Travelling by plane can be expensive, especially if you’re not travelling far. In some countries you may be able to save some money by taking the scenic route. Buses are a cheaper mode of transport in many Asian countries, while ravelling by train is often a popular choice in Europe. Ferries and boats are also an adventurous way to get around while helping you save those valuable dollars.

5. Take a helping hand

If you don’t want to wait a minute longer to pack your bags, consider taking out a personal loan to help cover the cost of your holiday. Pepper Money has flexible holiday loans options that will see you reach your dream destination sooner. Knowing what you need to consider before taking a loan is important, read this helpful guide to get you started.

To find out how a Pepper Money personal loan can help you achieve your goals, start by getting your individual rate and repayments here before applying in just a few minutes (it won't affect your credit score).

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