7 ways a personal loan can help you meet your goals

7 ways a personal loan can help you meet your goals

Whether it’s swapping the day job for self-employment, starting a new life in a city you’ve always hoped to live in, or getting your financial life on track, some goals require money to help achieve them.

With some sound planning, there are ways a personal loan can help you make some of your biggest dreams real.

1. Paying for your education

Want to upgrade your skills and land yourself that dream job? Or maybe you’d like to learn how to use specialist software to improve your business? A personal loan could help fund your education and help you get where you want to be in your career. 

2. Renovating your home

Thinking of creating that space for the home office to run your own business from? From upgrading your appliances to installing solar panels, renovating any part of your home can bolster its value. If the costs of remodelling your home are relatively small, a personal loan can be a fast and convenient way to get the extra cash you need without having to refinance your existing loan or use the equity in your current home without taking on a mortgage. Find out more about personal loans for home improvement.

3. Paying for your big day to be a day to remember

A study of more than 1,000 engaged and recently married women shows that Australian couples spend an average of $90,000¹ on their wedding day. While a personal loan could help fund some of your wedding expenses, you can still plan your special day on a budget! Follow these handy tips to help cut down on expenses.

4. Going on the trip of a lifetime

There are few more enriching experiences than taking off to a far-flung country but, unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do this while paying bills and rent. A personal loan can help you take advantage of affordable airfares and make that trip of a lifetime happen today.

5. Powering up your business

Get the equipment you need to help your business be more productive. Sometimes what you need is a bit of extra capability - a forklift, a car or new technology - and you need it quickly. A personal loan might be a good way to help you get things sorted out in short order.

6. Consolidating your debt

Wanting to get life back on track? Managing multiple credit cards debts can be tricky, but you may save on fees and possibly reduce interest by consolidating all of your debts into a single loan. A personal loan used for debt consolidation purposes may help you repay what you owe more efficiently. Speak to a financial adviser to check if debt consolidation is right for you and work out your best options.

7. Paying for your medical expenses

The need for medical attention and treatment may not always happen by choice. Even if it’s an elective procedure, you might not be prepared for the final hospital bill, or be able to cover costs in time. A personal loan can help you pay for your bills and obtain the treatment you need, so you can have peace of mind and focus on the recovery instead.  

We all have goals that require strong financial backing. Considering a personal loan from an alternative lender like Pepper Money, can get you one step closer to achieving them.

To find out how a personal loan can help achieve your goals, why not work out how much your repayments might be here. And when you're ready, get your individual rate before applying in just a few minutes (it won't affect your credit score).

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¹ https://au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/the-morning-show/-/watch/34409901/aussies-spending-an-average-of-90-000-on-wedding-day/

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