Can I apply with Pepper after discharged bankruptcy?

Yes you can. Being a discharged bankrupt does not preclude you from getting a loan with Pepper. Approval will be subject to our lending policies.

What is a Discharged Bankrupt

According to the Australian Financial Security Authority, discharge from bankruptcy means ‘the period of bankruptcy has finished and the person is no longer an undischarged bankrupt. After discharge, the bankrupt is no longer subject to many of the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act but does still have some ongoing obligations to assist the trustee.

How to get a mortgage after bankruptcy

It could potentially take a while to build up a good credit rating after being declared bankrupt, however that doesn’t meant that all options are out of reach. You may need to look beyond the big banks and ‘traditional’ lenders. A specialist lender that looks at your entire financial situation may be able to assist through discussing the terms of your bankruptcy and looking deeper into your financial history. Check out our guide on obtaining a mortgage after bankruptcy.

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