Credit Scores 101 [Infographic]

Posted in Getting Started on 28-01-2016

Have you been wondering what makes up your credit score? Or why it's important? Our handy visual guide outlines on who might be interested in your score, how it's calculated and what can cause a default to occur on your credit file.

Who looks at your credit score?

These are just some of the places:

Who looks at your credit score?_01 Who looks at your credit score?_02 Who looks at your credit score?_03

Your credit score is important as many lenders use it to understand your past credit profile. It can determine your ability to:

_01 _02 _03

How is your score calculated?

Your credit score can be affected by a range of factors, including:

How is your score calculated?_01 How is your score calculated?_02 How is your score calculated?_03
_01 _02 _03

4 facts on defaults

4 facts on defaults_01 4 facts on defaults_02 4 facts on defaults_03

Credit scores- by the numbers

Credit scores- by the numbers _01 Credit scores- by the numbers _02 Credit scores- by the numbers _03

5. how-to-protect-your-credit-rating


Download the infographic here

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