Christine's Story (refinancer)

Home buyer story - Christine
Pepper had friendly people who helped us all the way

“Originally we went to a couple of different brokers and knowing that we probably couldn't get past the regular loan providers, including the bank we were already with, a couple of lenders recommended Pepper.

We had experienced financial difficulties and at the time we were getting quite worried that we were going to lose the house. It was a horrible feeling, there was a lot of stress going on, until we found our accountant who also recommended Pepper, and from there things were right.

It was great. We were in limbo up until then and we just felt that much less stressful, less stressed and we could take a deep sigh of relief again.

Pepper had friendly people who have helped us all the way through.

So in the end we're going to probably say, ‘Oh the stress, we're over it. We're out on the other side and let's get on with life.’"

- Christine, Hospitality Professional, Bateau Bay NSW

All loans are assessed on a case by case basis and subject to Pepper’s approval.  Your specific circumstances may produce different results.  Please speak to Pepper about your home loan needs on 137 377.

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