Lisa's Story (home buyer)

Home buyer story - Lisa
It felt great to finally be in my own home

“We were looking for a good two years. I'd started looking at houses already, and fell in love with a house so it was really heartbreaking because we were unable to put in an offer and it didn't happen.

I heard about Pepper through a friend who had obtained a loan.

Pepper looked at my individual circumstance. It wasn't a straight up no, like a bank would have given me. It was simple; all the documents they requested were straightforward. Whatever they asked I gave, and that was it. It was just simple, very professional, straightforward and friendly customer service.

I still felt uncertain just because of the experience I had with the bank. I wasn't letting myself get excited until the property settled.

It felt great to finally be in my own home.”

-   Lisa, Portsmouth Way WA

Need home loan help? At Pepper Money we get that real life happens, so talk to one of our Lending Specialists today about your home loan options on 137 377. Alternatively, speak to your Pepper Money broker, they're there to help.

Outcomes will always vary depending on individual circumstances. All applications are subject to thorough credit assessment and loan suitability criteria. And terms , conditions, fees and charges will apply. The real outcome we're after is to make sure it's the right thing for you.

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