Valentin's Story (home buyer)

Home buyer story - Valentin
Janine kept us informed with every single step.

“Well, we started with banks about two years ago and they said, ‘Oh, no, you don't have enough savings. You don't have enough income.’ So we went another financial year, we saved more money, and we went back to the banks and they said, ‘yeah, no, you don't qualify, you have more income, more savings, but we can’t give you any loans.’ So that was December 2013…and 2014...

We applied to several lenders for a mortgage. We were successfully rejected by most of them...

And then one thing led to the other, so we went to a regional bank and the branch manager was really supportive and helpful and so on and so forth and said we just now need to confirm with the mortgage insurance that they are happy as well and, ‘I’ll come back to you tomorrow with the result and we take it from there. I don't see any major issues.’

We felt we showed enough credibility with our jobs and perseverance and we had no bad credit history and nothing financially wrong. We had the savings, so we thought we met most of the criteria. Fact is that their Mortgage Insurance didn't give us the insurance, so we couldn't get the loan from them. But the guy was pretty supportive and he said ‘why don't you try these other lenders’ and one of them was Pepper.

So from the moment we contacted Pepper, then everything went pretty smoothly. Janine, was extremely supportive. She was really paying attention to our situation as it is, and tried to find the best way to help us, which she did, thoroughly, beyond her job description.

She kept us informed with every single step so there were no doubts and blanks and suspicion, like ‘oh, what's happening now, we don't know anything?’ So we were pretty much informed with every single step of the process.

We said buying a house was our five years long plan, seeing it happen was a pretty good feeling. It's our first property in Australia.”

- Valentin, Kitchen Designer, Melbourne VIC

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