Easy ways to make your house greener [Infographic]

Building a home with sustainable features isn’t just environmentally friendly; it’s also a smart way to save money. Here, we outline some features you can add to your home to make it more energy efficient and economical.


Start with what nature gives you for free

Harvest the skiesSun worshipPlants, not machinery...

Build green savings into the house itself

Wear whitePad upSeal the leaks

Get economy out of your electricity use

Be efficiency LEDKill the vampiresFollow the stars

View the accessible text version of the infographic below or download the PDF version.

Start with what nature gives you for free

  • Harvest the skies. Collecting and using rainwater can lead to a healthy drop in your water bills.1
  • Sun worship. A 2kW system costs around $5000 to install and cuts 30 percent from your power bill, saving around $150 each quarter on a $500 bill. It would take you something like 8 years (34 quarters) to pay off the installation, but it's free.2
  • Plants, not machinery. They look beautiful and purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into delicious free oxygen. Plus you can put edibles in and supply delicious things for dinner - you've got to love that.3

Build green savings into the house itself

  • Wear white. In sunny climates like ours, buildings with white roofs need up to 40% less energy for cooling than those with black ones, saving heaps on your cooling costs.4
  • Pad up. Insulate your roof and walls to save money to lower costs and keep your winter warm.5
  • Seal the leaks. Air leaks account for 15-25% of your houses winter heat loss. Having seals around all your windows is one of the simplest ways to reduce power bills.6

Get economy out of your electricity use

  • Be efficiency LED. LEDs consume a fraction of the energy of normal bulbs and have a much longer lifespan, so you save money on energy bills and replacement costs. Slam dunk.7
  • Kill the vampires. Vampire Power is the name for energy that is used by almost all your appliances when they're in 'Stand By', which can be up to 10-20% of a household's electricity bill. So it's a great place to start looking for savings.8
  • Follow the starts. Take a good look at 'The Energy Star® Label' before you buy your next appliance. The more stars, the less it costs to run and less stress on that thing we walk on.9

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