An alternative for Aussies who get turned down for a home loan [Infographic]

Do you know that every year 3.6 million Australians are refused a loan by their banks?ยน

Creating opportunity

an image of a sad person whose loan has been declinedan image of a magnifying glass with the word option Ban image of a money bag with amber tick

We like to be real about the world we live in

an image of a person representing the 26% of aussiesan image of an entrepreneur climbing up the stairs illustrating increase in self employmentan image of a couple representing the 2.4million of Aussies

People want their money with someone they can trust

an image of a bank safe illustrating financial institutionan image of a padlock and a folder illustrating safe book keepingan image of an eye with a slash on it illustrating visibility of information


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Creating opportunity

  • Refused a loan? a whopping 18% of Aussies have been turned down for a loan by a financial institution.
  • Alternatives are here. 54% of people turned down didn't know there was an option for them.
  • Talk to Pepper Money. Because we take a different approach, Pepper Money can conditionally approve over 90% of home loan applications. 

We like to be real about the world we live in

  • People are different. 26% of Aussies that were turned down for a loan were refused because they work part-time or were self-employed.
  • Work is diverse. We need self-employed solutions because we are an entrepreneurial nation. Last year there was a 2.4% increase in new trading businesses compared to 2015. 
  • We get it. We know that part-time and self-employed is a great choice and we want to help our 2.4 million self-employed Australians.² 

People want their money with someone they can trust

  • People want to be understood. 42% of Aussies don't feel their financial institution understands them - their real needs and goals.
  • They want to feel safe. 1 in 10 are worried about having all of their information kept in one place.
  • They want good alternatives. Not feeling safe with it all in one place maybe why 63% said they keep some information back from their main financial institution. 


Pepper Money: Trust us to help.

We want Aussies to be able to challenge the accepted and to follow their dreams. Which is why we created Pepper Money. Real life loans for real people. 

If you need help with a home loan, you can always find someone to give you one-on-one help at Pepper Money. Just give us a call on 137 377 and tell us about your situation. The more we learn,the better we can help.

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