Guide to preparing your car for big road trips

Australia has loads of exciting destinations that the intrepid can get to by car. From romantic beach breaks to awesome outback escapes, you don’t have to leave the country to get to the unforgettable. To keep your car in tip-top shape for big adventures, here are some essential things to look at before you hit the road.

Inspect your tyres

an image of a tyre with a pressure iconan image of a tyre including jack and spanneran image of tyres stacking on top of each other

Service your vehicle

an image of a car enginean image of car lightsan image of a fluid container

Pre-trip final check

an image of a car windshieldan image of a caran image of a cars seatbelts

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Inspect your tyres

  • Check tyre pressure: properly inflated tyres save fuel, enhance handling and prevent accidents. And it’s free at most service stations.¹
  • Check the spare: make sure the spare tyre’s in good condition, and that you have all the tools you need to change it, including the jack and spanner.
  • Inspect tyres for uneven wear: inspect tyre tread depth and wear patterns. If the tyres are too smooth replace them.² 

Service your vehicle

  • Top up fluids: make sure all car fluids (power steering, windscreen washer, brake and coolants) are at proper levels.²
  • Test your lights: lights keep you keep safe by allowing you to communicate with other drivers. Checking all your lights function will help you avoid collisions, and fines!
  • Examine your oil level: oil lubricates the engine keeping it from overheating and preventing harmful substances from accumulating. Incorrect oil levels can cause trouble for your engine.³

Pre-trip final check

  • Clean your front and back windshields: rain or shine, windshields and wipers help keep your vision clear. Make sure your reservoir is topped up with a mix of screen wash and water for cleaning when you’re on the road.
  • Pack efficiently and securely: loose items can cause visual obstructions to the driver. Pack all items so that vision in the rear-view mirror isn’t blocked, and secure any items that are likely to move about.
  • Check seatbelts: ensure your seatbelts are in proper working condition. Seatbelts reduces the risk of serious injury by up to 50 per cent. Each state has its own penalties for not wearing one while driving

It is important to take your car through a proper check up before that big road trip, especially if you car is getting a bit old for long drives.

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