Different generations of home buyers: Which one are you? [Infographic]

Ever wonder how the different generations approach home buying? Each generation has different motivations, different incomes and different ways of finding homes. How are you getting started, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or retiree?

Millennials [20-34]

an icon of a house and gold coins representing average household incomean icon of a mobile phone representing online searchersa chart with an arrow going up representing increase in pricean icon of a person with a sad face representing anxietyA picture of a train representing commutingSpending anxiety

Generation X [35-54]

an icon of a house and gold coins representing household incomean icon of a baby pram representing event moverAn image of a for sale signageAn image of a couple with one baby representing familyA credit card on a scale representing debtan image of credit cards representing debt

Baby boomers [55-65]

an icon of a house and gold coins representing household incomeAn image of a road representing distance commutersan image of an old coupleAn icon of a palm tree representing coastan icon of a house with candles representing long ownershipAn icon of a money bag representing investment buyers


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Millennials [20-34]

  • Average household income: $113,000.5
  • Tech-savvy online searchers: 77% use mobile phones for online research - a big 10% more than Gen X.3
  • In a property paradox: Despite 75% being reluctant to buy. 72% think buying is better because of ongoing price increases.4
  • Slower moving: Millennials can be stalled by financial commitment anxietywith 75%
    worried about getting into debt for a mortgage.2
  • Buy close to work: Millennials place super high importance on low commuting costs, so they buy to be close to the office.1
  • Not new: 87% prefer to purchase older homes over new builds.2

Gen X [35-54]

  • Average household income: $130,000.5
  • Event movers: 46% move, for big life changes like extra kids, marriage, kids moving our or retirement.2
  • Offline search: 77% use mobile phones for online research - a big 10% more than Gen X.3
  • Family buyers: 89% of Gen X buy homes with 3+ bedrooms to raise their families.2
  • Financially insecure: 40% say they "don't feel financially secure" and 38% have more debt than savings.6
  • Indebted: 6% spend more than $5000 a month on their credit cards.7

Baby boomers [55-65]

  • Average household income: $111,000.5
  • Moving far from home: While millennials and Gen X stay close to their previous residence, baby boomers are distance movers (30+ miles).2
  • Set to treble the 65+ group: Australia's over-65 population is set to grow from 8.8% in 1971 to 28% by 2056.9
  • Retiring to the coast: Baby boomers are leaving capital cities for an easier lifestyle.8
  • Longest ownership: An average of 13 years ownership before selling.2
  • Investment buyers: Cashed-up baby boomers are the ones squeezing out first-time buyers.10

From millennials to baby boomers, every generation is unique in its approach to home buying - yet all of them are extremely motivated to get into the market.

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10 http://www.domain.com.au/news/baby-boomers-continue-to-squeeze-out-firsttimers-20140113-30qx1/

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