What is a ‘Low Doc’ home loan and does Pepper offer them?

Low Doc home loans is a term used to describe the amount and type of income documentation you're able to provide to verify your income and support a home loan application. If you're unable to get payslips or up-to-date tax returns, then a ‘Low Doc’ loan may suit you better than a more traditional loan, or what’s called a ‘Full Doc’ loan.  

At Pepper, we call them ‘Alt Doc’ loans. In our eyes, it’s not about giving less documentation, but more about providing alternative documentation to evidence your income.

Does Pepper offer a ‘No Doc’ loan?
No, we don’t. As a responsible lender, we have a duty of care to you as our customer. Pepper strictly complies with the regulations prescribed by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP). While still keeping to these regulations, we can still offer you a number of flexible loan options. They allow you to provide alternative methods of verifying your income to help you get a loan.

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