Pepper home loan fee summary [Infographic]

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Curious about our fees? Each fee is dependent on the loan product you apply for. Here’s a high level summary of the main fees for Pepper home loan products.*

  Fees paid upfront (on or before settlement date)

Pepper Fee Summary 1Pepper Fee Summary 2Pepper Fee Summary 3Pepper Fee Summary 4Pepper Fee Summary 5Pepper Fee Summary 6

  Fees paid upon settlement of your loan

Pepper Fee Summary 7Pepper Fee Summary 8Pepper Fee Summary 9Pepper Fee Summary 10Pepper Fee Summary 11Pepper Fee Summary 12

* These fees and charges are correct as at 24 November 2015 and are subject to change at any time. Other fees and charges may apply depending on the applicant’s circumstances including loan purpose, loan features, loan defaults or arrears. To obtain a full list of all fees and charges and when these might apply, contact a Pepper Lending Specialist on 13 73 77.

Download the infographic here

Interested in learning more? Read about Lender Protection Fees and Mortgage Risk Fee.

We have a variety of flexible home loan solutions whether you’re looking to refinance, buy your first home or add a new property to your portfolio.

To find out which Pepper home loan could work for you, or if you just have some questions you’d like answered around our fees and charges, speak to a Lending Specialist on 13 73 77.

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