Cristhian's Story (self-employed)

Cristhian's Story
People give up trying to refinance but, actually, Pepper understands your situation.

“I heard about Pepper through my broker. He told me these other companies; they actually help people in my situation, so that's how I heard about Pepper.

It was a struggle with money, so obviously, another bank wouldn't lend me the money because of my situation. It just sort of shut me down, because, you know, I said I'm struggling. I'm going to be stuck in here for another two years with my mortgage and two different loans. I just wanted to pay it off and start all over again.

Pepper actually studied my benefit and how I can afford it, and saw how they could help me. They're looking through our papers, and they said, ‘hold on, this guy can afford it but nobody's giving him a chance.’ Yeah, they sort of understood what I was coming through and everything. I mean, all I need is just to pay my debt agreement and my defaulting will be cleared on my credit file.

The broker was letting me know what was going on, at every single step with the loan. If I had any questions or anything, like if I didn't know how to fill out the paper, they would actually call me and explain what to do.

I got approval straight away within like, I don't know, 15 days I reckon. It made me excited and happy, and then obviously me and my wife, we can actually live comfortably. Actually, it gave me the freedom not to work too much overtime and to spend more time with my kids.

You know, people give up trying to refinance but actually Pepper understands your situation.

In the future, I want to do investments; I want to start investing in houses and all that, which is why I want to talk to the broker later on.”

- Cristhian, Carpenter, Cranbourne VIC

All loans are assessed on a case by case basis and subject to Pepper’s approval.  Your specific circumstances may produce different results.  Please speak to Pepper about your home loan needs on 137 377.

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