Iwona's Story (property investor)

Iwona's story
I feel like a million dollars to be approved. My experience during the application process was wonderful, absolutely wonderful, very small, very simple, which is really, really important.

I had stopped looking for a loan. I stopped looking after last year. I was going to buy an investment property in Queensland. I don't feel any hard feelings or good feelings for the banks, but they are very strict. They demand so much.

These days, we have to be versatile. Australia is one of the most expensive countries when it comes to purchasing real estate. Future lending for consumers has to change, so we cannot look only at the banks, we have to look at the other avenues as well, like Pepper, for example, who is maybe more flexible.

I also think there is not enough education among young or middle-age people who have some spare money to invest. I think people just don't know what to do with this.

Anyhow, I felt like a million dollars, very satisfied. I will recommend Pepper to every single person because, like I said to you, I thought that my world had fallen apart when I could not purchase a property in Queensland, which I thought at the time was suitable for my needs.”

- Iwona, Professional, Sydney NSW

All loans are assessed on a case by case basis and subject to Pepper’s approval.  Your specific circumstances may produce different results.  Please speak to Pepper about your home loan needs on 137 377.


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