James' Story (self-employed)

James' Story
The process was that easy to understand and that easy to follow.

“When I looked at Pepper's website it was all very informative, and when I spoke to someone it was also very informative and outlined what I needed to do.

I tend to go with the process if it's easy to understand and easy to run with. I'll always, the minute it gets too difficult or annoying, I tend to go away, but I suppose the process was that easy to understand and that easy to follow that it made the whole process 10 times easier for me, and that's why I did it.

I couldn't fault it. Give them a go. I think that they're a great establishment. I can only speak praise about them. I found Rony was faultless. He was always on top of whatever issues were there, and helped me understand the way to get to where we needed to get.

I'd basically been in a vendor finance contract for the last, I think two and a half years and then from that, from day one I was pretty much looking because I wanted to get out of it and secured.

So yeah, I did quite a lot of research before I started applying. I applied to my bank and bits and pieces like that, but they were just difficult to deal with. And at the time I think I had a default, and when I applied to Pepper I didn't, so, you know that just made it a little bit harder.

Since then I've had banks calling me left, right and centre, ‘do you want to do this, and do this, and do this...’ and the answer's always no. I'm very loyal to people that look after me and work with me. You know, my bank has shunned me once, so that will be the last opportunity they get to do that.”

- James, Business Owner, Regent's Park NSW

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