Jeffrey's Story (ex-bankrupt)

Jeffrey's Story
It made me feel like I was getting my life back together.

“I wasn’t looking for a home loan for long, probably about a month or so.

Before applying with Pepper, I enquired with the big banks but I didn't apply, because I was also an ex-bankrupt, and I had to go down that road of the mortgage suppliers because of my credit history. The big banks were saying something like eight years or something you've got to wait, you know?

So I didn't really have much choice then. I could understand, but I just, you sort of want to get on with your life, but you've got to deal with your past as well, I thought it was a pretty fair application. It went pretty smoothly. It made me feel like I was getting my life back together. You feel like you're somebody again. I went through some pretty hard times, and you feel like you just vanished.

I would just say that Pepper have been good to deal with. If you want to go for a mortgage, give them a try I wouldn't hesitate in saying to someone, ‘Give them a go.’ ”

- Jeffrey, Aircraft Manufacturer, Frankston VIC

All loans are assessed on a case by case basis and subject to Pepper’s approval.  Your specific circumstances may produce different results. Please speak to Pepper about your home loan needs on 137 377.

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