Real Life Facts: Debt Consolidation [Video]

When life gets a bit out of control, we can often end up with multiple debts which means multiple fees and interest to pay every month. Thankfully there is a way to better manage your debts, and that is by rolling all of your debts into your home loan; saving on fees, charges and time.

In fact a recent study shows that Debt Consolidation Loans could potentially reduce monthly outgoings by an average of 30 to 50%.1

That's a huge difference in monthly quality of life, reducing stress as well as outgoings. See how debt consolidation through home loan refinancing might be a way to get life back on track in this short video. 

Tired of juggling multiple small debts? Talk to a Lending Specialist at Pepper Money today to find out whether refinancing to consolidate your debts could be a suitable option for you. Make an enquiry online or call us on 137 377.

Want to know more? Read about our debt consolidation loans here. You can also find out more in our '4 big benefits of refinancing' article here.



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