Is selling your home over Christmas a good idea?

Selling your home over Christmas

During the festive season, there are mixed opinions about whether it’s a good idea to put your home on the market.

We explore the pros and cons of selling your home over Christmas, so you can think about what you should keep in mind at this time of the year.

The advantages

’Tis the season to be jolly, and over the Christmas break people tend to be more relaxed. They have more time to have a leisurely look through your home and appreciate its charms. And as there are fewer properties on the market, buyers won’t be in a rush to see the next open house.

As the New Year approaches, people tend to think about what they want to achieve in the coming year. Perhaps they want to move into a bigger home or change suburbs so they're in the right school catchment area. Some may even have missed out on their dream home in the Spring selling season and are keen to get into their new home as soon as possible, providing you with a potential negotiation point when it comes time to talk turkey.

The disadvantages

Christmas is also a popular time for families to jump in the car and take a big road trip or visit family, so there may be fewer potential buyers for your home. There are also several real estate agents who shut down or run on skeleton staff during the holidays, so you’ll need to do your homework when selecting an agent to sell your property. As fewer people choose to sell during this time, perhaps consider your own motives. If a potential buyer senses you are overly keen to get the sale, they may be suspicious of your property or – worse still – make a low offer. It’s important that your home and your agent don’t give off the wrong impression.

The festive touch

Whether you’re participating in the annual street competition for the best light show or just have a tasteful tree adorned with baubles in your living room, you may want to consider whether the Christmas decorations will help sell your home. If they add to the inviting homely feel, then perhaps keep some up. If they make your open-plan living space feel a bit cluttered, perhaps it’s best to take down the decorations before open houses start.
As buyers look through homes, they like to imagine themselves living there, so without creating clutter here are some simple but classy DIY Christmas decorations you could add to your home to broaden its appeal. While some people suggest baking bread to give your home a lovely aroma, perhaps you can replace this with the festive scent of gingerbread biscuits.
Choosing the right time to put your home on the market can feel a bit like playing Russian roulette, but if you decide that the holiday period works best for you then use these extra tips to maximise your chances of a good sale price.

1. Get onto those odd jobs and repairs: fix the little things around your home you've been meaning to get to.

2. De-clutter: as well as watching the Christmas decorations tidying up any other unnecessary items around the house creates more space, and can make your home look more appealing.

3. Get cleaning: this may sound obvious but making your home squeaky clean is crucial. Get into the nooks and crannies and make them sparkle. The bathroom in particular is a great place to get gleaming. 

4. Make a grand entrance: the front entrance of your home is the first thing prospective buyers will see, so it's vital to make it look inviting.

Remember, every little detail counts and contributes towards making your home more valuable. Learn more about refinancing with Pepper Money online, or call 137 377 to speak to one of our Lending Specialists. 

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