What business assets can Pepper Money help you finance?

What Business Assets Can Pepper Money Fund?

In order to run at maximum efficiency, businesses will often need to purchase a vehicle or other business equipment. If you do not have the required funds on hand, financing may be an option to consider.

Pepper Money understands that in order for your business to stay competitive, investing in the right equipment can be crucial. This is a general overview of our available financing products to help you out with the often-essential purchase of a vehicle or other business equipment.

What we can fund:

1. Commercial motor vehicles
Having the right type of transport can significantly benefit your bottom line. It could save you time and make all the difference during busy periods. You may want to speak to a qualified tax professional to see if you may be able to claim a tax deduction for the interest you pay or the depreciation of your vehicle.

2. Commercial business equipment
Beyond providing options to assist with your commercial transport needs, we also offer financing for businesses that require access to heavy machinery, and a wide range of other business equipment. These include:

  • Yellow goods: If your business needs high-quality heavy machinery like excavators, bobcats, tractors, forklifts, and everything in between, Pepper Money’s range of finance options and flexibility could make a good fit for your business.
  • Technology: Computers, and even 3D printers – today’s advanced technology means technical or computing equipment can become obsolete very quickly, so the costs to stay ahead of the curve quickly add up. Pepper Money can help you obtain top-of-the-range hardware and software that will meet the changing needs of your customers.
  • Business equipment: It’s not just the big goods that you need to think about. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll need to purchase office equipment, and possibly safety gear, event-specific equipment and all sorts of other tools. Financing your business equipment can take the stress out of the costs of setting up shop, or expanding your business at a later stage.

Finance options we offer:

There is a range of financing options available at Pepper Money to suit almost every business's situation:

1. Commercial loan: A commercial loan - also known as Chattel Mortgage can provide a loan for you to purchase an asset. We will retain the asset as a security until the loan is paid off. 

2. Finance lease: We can also purchase the asset for you and lease it back for an agreed price within an agreed period and this is called a finance lease.

3. Novated lease: Novated lease is a three-way agreement between an employee, employer and lender. In this case, the employee takes up a financial lease (as above) with the lender, and the employer will make the lease payment on behalf of the employees

Whether you're looking to invest in your business, be it a commercial vehicle, heavy machinery or office equipment, you can always get in touch with one of our Lending Specialists on 137 377 and see what loan might work for you. Alternatively, contact your Pepper Money broker or enquire online here

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