Kokoda Leadership Program

on Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Image of Kokoda Leadership Program

Panther’s on the Prowl

As part of our ongoing commitment to support Western Sydney, Pepper was proud to sponsor the 2015 Kokoda Leadership program. Panthers on the Prowl, the community outreach program for the Penrith Panthers, empowers young people to move toward positive, successful pathways.

The Leadership program selected local high school students, who were joined by high achievers across business, sports and politics to hike the formidable Kokoda Trail.

The group hiked from Kokoda to Owens Corner in 6 days – a mentally and physically gruelling trail that follows the footsteps that Australian Soldiers took during the Pacific War of World War 2.  

Vicky Dunne from the Pepper Group, had this to say about her experience,

"As we walked the trail, the realisation of what the Australian soldiers went through became more vivid. We were barely surviving completing the trail with full food and camping supplies – just how did they do it while fighting a bloody muddy war? Each day we would listen to passionate briefings by Charlie Lynn, who himself had spent 20 years in the army including serving in Vietnam. Through Charlie we learned the real history of the jungle war. Off the beaten track we saw real weapons, water cans and shoes found in the jungle and preserved there. Day 6 brought the war to life as we experienced a dawn service and took photos beside the 4 pillars that represented the values that these soldiers lived by – Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Endurance. All the same values we had experienced over the past 6 days. Four values we were starting to really understand the meaning of and values that we would never forget."

For more information on Panthers on the Prowl and the great work they do visit http://www.panthersontheprowl.com.au

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