What Is The Pepper Money Shout Out?

Pepper Money Shout Out


Things have been pretty tough over the past couple of years. From dealing with lockdowns, being cut off from friends and family, and recovering from floods and bushfires. We've all been through a lot and we wanted to see how we could give back to the community.

We asked Aussies what they rely on more than anything else in tough times and the resounding response was the support of others. From rallying the community, to helping with renos, corralling pets, caring for kids - or simply listening when someone needed them to. We've been there for each other when we've needed it most.

That’s why we decided to set up the Pepper Money Shout Out Awards. From April to December this year you can nominate anyone you know that’s made a real life difference to you, or your local community. Tell us what they did and we'll see how we can thank them in-turn.

We’ll share these stories each month, and reward some of them with a very special thank you from Pepper Money. We'll review their nominations and decide on a special way we can thank them that we hope will make a difference to their lives. 

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