A range of flexible features

Pepper Money's variable rate home loan options give you the flexibility to manage your money; you’ll get access to our online loan portal, the freedom  to make additional repayments along with the option for a 100% interest offset sub-account and VISA debit card access (monthly fees apply).

Rates starting from*   

  Comparison rate^

4.19% p.a.    


 4.38% p.a.

For new owner occupier variable rate home loans. Principal and interest repayments. Up to 55% LVR. Click here to see the full interest rate range for our variable home loan option. 

Estimate your borrowing power in less than five minutes and find out what rate you may be eligible for today by using our online calculator.

Key benefits of a Pepper Money variable rate home loan

Offset sub-account
Offset sub-account

Option to reduce home loan interest with a 100% offset sub-account and linked VISA debit card (monthly fees apply).

Make extra repayments
Make extra repayments

Enjoy the freedom to make unlimited extra repayments, free of charge, to get ahead on your loan.

Free online redraw
Free online redraw

Easy access to your additional repayments when you need it, free of charge with our online redraw facility (manual redraw fees apply).

Flexible repayment options
Flexible repayment options

Variable interest rates can offer you the flexibility to manage your repayments as circumstances change.

Borrow up to 95% of the property value
Borrow up to 95% of the property value

At Pepper Money we can consider loans with a LVR of up to 95 per cent (eligibility criteria apply).

Manage your account online
Manage your account online

Securely manage your money using our online Loan Service Net (LSN) portal.

Some of the situations we can help with

  • 90 day valid conditional approval
  • Borrow up to 95% property value (on some loans)
  • Borrowers with non-standard income
  • Past credit history considered
  • Gifted deposits considered
  • Unlimited debt consolidation
  • Additional income sources considered
  • Cash out for personal or business use
  • Alt doc options available
  • Discharged from bankruptcy 1 day considered

Let’s get started

To see whether you could qualify for a Pepper Money home loan try our online calculator, where in less than five minutes we’ll provide an indicative interest rate and estimated monthly repayments. What’s more – it won’t impact your credit score.

Estimate my borrowing power

Variable rate home loan option summary

Loan purpose Purchase or refinance an owner-occupied or investment property. Debt consolidation, cash out and payment of tax debts considered.
Maximum LVR Borrow up to 95% of the property value for purchases and up to 90% for refinance.
Maximum amount $2,500,000 forr LVRs up to 65% (subject to eligibility criteria)
Minimum amount $50,000 (subject to eligibility criteria)
Loan terms 10 - 40 years (subject to eligibility criteria)
Repayment options

Principal & Interest or Interest only (IO to a maximum of 5 years)

Note: Additional terms and conditions apply to IO loans.

Repayment frequency Weekly, fortnightly or monthly (interest only is monthly)
Extra payments Unlimited extra payments permitted, free of charge
Redraw Free online redraw facility (manual redraw fee applies)
Split loan Yes, split loan options available
Offset sub-account Yes - optional 100% offset account is available with visa debit card access. The terms and conditions applicable to offset sub-accounts are set out in the customer’s loan agreement (monthly fees apply).

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What could a Pepper Money home loan look like?

Estimate your home loan repayments with our calculator below, and then just answer a few more questions to find out how much you could borrow and your indicative interest rate.

digits only, min-5000

digits only, min-1 year, max-30 years

digits with two decimals only

With a repayment frequency of:

Please select frequency

Important Information

This repayment calculator gives you an estimate of what your home loan repayments could be, based on information you have provided in the calculator. The calculator does not take into account loan establishment or application fees, nor government statutory or lender fees.  It is to be used as a guide only and does not constitute a quote, pre-qualification, approval for credit or an offer for credit and you should not enter commitments based on it.


Variable home loan interest rates

LVR (%) Owner Occupier Interest Rates
Principal & Interest (P&I)
Investor Interest Rates
Principal & Interest (P&I)
<55 4.19% p.a. - 7.50% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.38% p.a. - 7.79% p.a) 4.74% p.a. - 7.85% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.93% p.a. - 8.14% p.a)
>55-65 4.24% p.a. - 7.54% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.43% p.a. - 7.83% p.a) 4.79% p.a. - 7.89% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.98% p.a. - 8.18% p.a)
>65-70 4.29% p.a. - 8.54% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.48% p.a. - 8.84% p.a) 4.84% p.a. - 8.89% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.03% p.a. - 9.19% p.a)
>70-75 4.49% p.a. - 8.54% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.68% p.a. - 8.84% p.a) 5.04% p.a. - 9.19% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.23% p.a. - 9.49% p.a)
>75-80 4.64% p.a. - 8.24% p.a.  (Comparison rate 4.83% p.a. - 8.53% p.a) 5.19% p.a. - 8.59% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.38% p.a. - 8.88% p.a)
>80-85 5.19% p.a. - 8.54% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.38% p.a. - 8.84% p.a) 5.74% p.a. - 8.89% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.92% p.a. - 9.19% p.a)
>85-90 5.64% p.a. - 8.64% p.a.  (Comparison rate 5.82% p.a. - 8.94% p.a) 6.19% p.a. - 8.99% p.a.  (Comparison rate 6.37% p.a. - 9.29% p.a)
<90-95 6.09% p.a. - 9.14% p.a.  (Comparison rate 6.27% p.a. - 9.44% p.a) 6.64% p.a. - 9.49% p.a.  (Comparison rate 6.82% p.a. - 9.79% p.a)

All applications are subject to credit assessment, loan eligibility criteria and lending limits. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. The actual interest rate will depend on the borrower’s circumstances and the information verified during the loan application assessment. 

Try our online calculator to see how much you could borrow and get your personalised interest rate.

Popular home loan questions

Here are some FAQs about applying for a variable rate home loan option with Pepper Money.

How much you can borrow depends on your total income, living expenses, liabilities, and your credit history. You could estimate your borrowing capacity in under 5 minutes using our home loan calculator - it’s quick, easy and won’t impact your credit score.

See how much I can borrow

You will need to have documents supporting your current financial position such as recent bank statements, payslips or other proof of income, personal identification and a snapshot of your current asset and liability position.

For PAYG applicants we require two current payslips plus one of the following:

  • Most recent group certificate
  • Most recent tax return / taxation notice
  • Current letter of employment
  • Bank statements – to confirm last 3 months salary credits

For Self-Employed applications we need your last two years Tax Returns, two years Tax Assessment Notice and & last 1 month’s business bank statements. If you are self-employed and unable to provide this documents, you may still qualify for an alternative documentation (alt doc) loan. For more details click here

On some of our loans, we offer finance up to 95% of the purchase price, meaning you can start to look at buying a house once you've saved at least 5% of the purchase price. The deposit amount may also depend on the property and area you’re looking at purchasing.

Remember, there can be extra costs involved when buying a house. You’ll need to cover government and legal fees, which can’t be added to your home loan balance.

The interest rate offered, and fees and charges will depend on our assessment of a number of factors at the time of application including:

  • The size of your deposit
  • Nature of the security property
  • Loan to value ratio (LVR)
  • Your income
  • Credit history
  • Any assets you own
  • Any liabilities or credit obligations
  • Chosen repayment type – paying off interest-only, or principal and interest
  • The purpose of the loan – if it’s for an owner-occupier or investment property

The risk loading will apply for the loan term.

To get an indicative interest rate speak you can start by using our online borrowing power calculator, or speak to one of our Lending Specialists on 137 377

Your Pepper Money Home Loan Journey can take up to six weeks – this is the typical timeframe for a home purchase, however the process may be quicker if all the necessary documentation is provided sooner. 

Delays in decisions are often caused by incorrect or missing documentation. 

To learn more about Pepper Money Home Loan application process, click here or for more information speak to a Lending Specialists on 137 377.

You can choose a Pepper Money split home loan. You can choose to have a portion of your loan with a fixed interest rate for a chosen loan term and the remainder with a variable interest rate. This can give you the flexibility of a variable interest rate loan and the repayment certainty of a fixed interest rate loan. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a fixed rate term and know what the repayments and interest rate will be for that period
  • Enjoy the features of a variable interest rate loan, such as a free online redraw facility and a fully transactional 100% offset account (monthly fee applies to offset account and manual redraw requests)

We give you the flexibility to choose between a fixed, a variable rate, or both, on your Pepper Money home loan.

Fixed interest rate

 A fixed interest rate home loan simply means that you ‘fix’ the interest rate at whatever the rate is at the time of settlement for a set term (2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 years). That means your interest rate and payments will remain the same over that period, regardless of any increases or decreases to interest rate changes.

A Pepper Money fixed rate home loan may suit borrowers looking for:

  • The certainty of fixed repayments
  • Ability to break fixed rate with no break cost
  • Unlimited additional repayments allowed without penalty (no redraw available)
  • Available for purchases, refinances, debt consolidation or cash out for investment or personal purposes

Variable interest rate 

 A variable rate loan is a loan with interest rates that are subject to change throughout the term of your loan. This may be due to changes to the official cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) or if your lender changes the interest rate.

Variable interest rates may suit borrowers looking for:

  • Flexibility with repayment frequency and free online redraw (manual redraw fee is $50)
  • Options to reduce interest with a fully transactional 100% offset account (monthly fee applies)
  • Available for purchases, refinances, debt consolidation or cash out for investment or personal purposes

For more information you can talk with one of our Lending Specialists on 137 377, they’re there to help. 

While a high credit score might help you get a rock-bottom interest rate, it may still be possible to apply for a home loan with a less-than-perfect credit score. While some banks often prefer to lend to those with a perfect credit history and high credit score, at Pepper Money, we take a real life approach to lending and look beyond just your credit score to see what we can do to help. .

Talk to a lending specialist about your situation. We’re here to help.

We’re one of Australia's leading non-bank lenders! 

We were established in 2000 to help Australians achieve their financial dreams through providing flexible financial solutions that factor in the ups and downs of real life. Since then, we’ve become one of the largest, award-winning non-bank lenders in Australia and New Zealand.

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Help at hand

Here are some handy tips and guides to help you on your home loan journey.

Important Information

Information and interest rates are correct as at 15 July 2022 and subject to change at any time. Offers and promotions may be continued, withdrawn, or changed at any time without notice.

All applications are subject to credit assessment, loan eligibility criteria and lending limits. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.  Information provided is factual information only, and is not intended to imply any recommendation about any financial product(s) or constitute tax advice.  If you require financial or tax advice you should consult a licenced financial or tax adviser.  

*Pepper variable interest rates range from 4.19%p.a.-9.79% p.a. (Comparison rates range from 4.38%p.a.-9.92%p.a.^).The actual interest rate will depend on the borrower’s circumstances and the information verified during the loan application assessment.

^All Comparison Rates are calculated based on a secured loan of $150,000 and a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

This Pepper home loan borrowing estimate does not constitute a quote, pre-qualification, formal approval for credit or an offer for credit and you should not enter commitments based on it. The specific details of your loan if an application is approved will be provided in your loan contract.

Visa Debit card is issued by Indue Limited ABN 97 087 822 464 and distributed by Pepper Finance Corporation Limited ACN 094 317 647 and/or through Pepper Money accredited mortgage brokers. Refer to the Conditions of Use and Target Market Determination (TMD) located here.