The Reserve Bank of Australia’s recent decision to increase the official cash rate means that Pepper Money has also increased our interest rate for existing variable rate home loan, commercial loan and construction loan customers along with anyone who has applied for a variable rate loan with us.

What do I need to know if I'm an existing customer?

existing customer

From 15 July 2022 (the Effective Date), the interest rate that applies to your loan will increase by 0.58% p.a.

You will separately receive notice of your new interest rate and what your new repayments will be. Your repayments will not change until we notify you of these changes.

After the Effective Date, you can check your loan details online using LoanServiceNet.

If you are concerned about changes to your loan, not being able to make repayments or need extra support, we have a range of options available here to help you with managing your loan and planning ahead.

Why have you chosen to lift your rates higher than the official RBA cash rate and the major banks?

Like most lenders, the increasing cost of funds has impacted our interest rate change decision.

Given we are not a bank, our funding comes from alternative sources. The rate we are charged for these funds has significantly increased this year, so we’ve had to pass some of these costs on.

We acknowledge that this increase might be more than you were expecting. If you are concerned about making your repayments, we have a range of options available here to help you manage your loan and plan ahead.

What do I need to know if I have an existing application with Pepper Money?

application with Pepper Money

For customer applications with a valid conditional approval (less than 30 days old), or who have progressed to full approval, an increase of 0.58% p.a. will apply to the interest rate effective 15 July 2022.

For all other applications, the applicable interest rate at settlement will be applied.

We’ll be in touch with you within 2 days of settlement to outline your new loan details including the effective interest rate and repayment details applicable to your loan.

If you have any questions about how this rate change impacts your application, we recommend speaking with your broker or lending specialist.