Credit Rating Details

Pepper Money uses a risk-based pricing model to try and provide loans to a wider range of customers to help them succeed. This pricing model considers a number of attributes along with your credit score in order to determine the best product to provide you with. 

An explanation of how you might self-assess your credit rating is below.

Credit Rating



You have a stable long term job and residence with a clean credit bureau history.

Good  You have a stable long term job and residence with an active but clean credit bureau history. 

You are gainfully employed however you may have a very active credit bureau or experienced a prior adverse credit or loan default event.

Poor You are gainfully employed and may have experienced a prior or current adverse credit or loan default event.

The calculator is to be used as a guide only and does not represent a formal offer. The calculator is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice.

The indicative interest rate provided by the calculator has regard to your own assessment of your credit rating. The interest rate subsequently displayed in conjunction with any formal loan offer may be different and will have regard to all information supplied by you in relation to this application and any information collected by us as a result of searches we conduct, including the credit bureau check and income verification.