what is jumio

What is Jumio?

Jumio delivers the next-generation in digital ID verification, providing a fast, seamless customer experience; while providing unprecedented levels of convenience and data security. Jumio’s ID verification technology Netverify uses computer vision technology to confirm ID issued by over 200 countries in real time web and mobile transactions.

Which ID types are supported?

Passport or Drivers Licence.

How does Jumio work?

Jumio turns any webcam into a secure ID reader by enabling you to scan and verify your driver’s licence or passport. Using “face match” technology a scan is taken of your ID and a photo is taken of your face. You will be asked to provide both sides during the confirmation process for your ID.

The confirmation, takes between 30 and 120 seconds depending on the quality of the document, camera resolution and lighting. If you don’t have a camera connected, you do have the option of uploading a full colour copy of the ID. Once verified, this data is passed on to Pepper Money and you can continue your application.

What are the system requirements?

Jumio is compatible with common web browsers and operating systems. The scanning process requires a standard webcam and Flash. Please make sure that Flash is activated within your browser and allowed to access the camera.

How long does Jumio store personal data?

As the credit provider, Pepper is legally required to keep a record of the identification documents it collects using Jumio. For more information see Pepper’s Privacy Policy.