Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

The $100 cash reward (Reward) is available for you (the referrer) for each personal loan applicant you refer to Pepper Money. To be eligible for the Reward:

(a) you must have an existing personal loan account with Pepper Money;

(b) you must refer a personal loan applicant to Pepper Money who is not already an existing or previous customer of Pepper Money;

(c) you must submit the referral to Pepper Money using the form within your loan portal;

(d) your friend must enter the unique referral code when completing their online application. The referral code is to be entered exactly how it appears on the Refer a Friend page;

(e) your friend must settle their personal loan with Pepper Money; and

(f) you must not have made the referral in the course of, as part of, or incidentally to carrying on a business (ie you must not be in the business of making finance referrals).

The Reward will be paid by Pepper Money to your nominated account with us within 30 days of your friend’s personal loan being settled. For privacy reasons, Pepper Money will not tell you which friend’s personal loan settled.

Pepper Money reserves the right to vary or discontinue the Refer a Friend promotion at any time in its sole discretion, by providing you with notice via this portal. If withdrawn, Pepper Money will honour all registrations entered before the offer is withdrawn, provided that applicants satisfy the terms and condition of the promotion. The promotion is not applicable in conjunction with any other promotional offer unless expressly indicated. If you use the Refer a Friend promotion in a manner that is not satisfactory to use or in line with the intent of the promotion, we may refuse to pay the Reward to you in our absolute discretion. This includes conduct which is designed to undermine the fair and intended operation of the promotion.

All applications are subject to Pepper Money’s normal credit assessment and loan suitability criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.

Personal information is collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with Pepper Money’s Privacy Policy, which is available at