Three ways smart workplaces make the festive season hum.

December workplace productivity is not always exactly smooth. So how do you get the best from the season? We checked in with some of our clients and found three different ways smart workplaces keep the energy levels up with their teams.

Pepper Property blog - 3 ways smart workplaces make the festive season hum

1. Give everyone the boost of a proper break
They close the office for the week between Christmas and New Year. Why? To improve their New Year productivity.

Research shows that people who take holidays are more efficient than those who don't. So why not create a boost at a time when the poor souls otherwise left holding the fort are not exactly knocking things out of the park? Both you and they will benefit far more if they take their minds off work for a week.

Plus, you'll have healthier employees: Research suggests that taking holidays – more than one a year – can cut the risk of heart disease (50% for males and 30% for females).

2. Turn up the Christmas music
Why? To help people feel festive and energised. Various studies support their thinking. Research has shown that music can have a measurably positive effect on productivity. Certain types of background music can improve some workers’ efficiency and accuracy, boost mood, increase brain activity and power up motivation.

So what kind of Christmas music should you play? Familiarity is the key to an effective mood and creativity booster, but note that music without lyrics is less distracting – sorry Buble fans - so maybe consider playing background instrumental covers of well-known Christmas tunes. Make sure of course, that you’re conscious of the diversity of your employees and their musical tastes, and maintain spaces for those that prefer a Silent Night.

3. Power up their brains with festive fare
Why? To make them feel valued. Our own research on workplace would agree – because things like free fruit and biscuits are one of employees’ most valued perks. In this era of wellness consciousness, consider bringing in some little treats that are not only festively generous, but also good for productivity.

Did you know that gingerbread cookies could boost iron and manganese intake? And iron plays a key role in energy production, so that’s a good thing. Or offer dark chocolate dipped fruits and nuts, where the fruit contains vitamin C, the nuts are full of nutrients and antioxidants for energy, and the dark chocolate is a source of magnesium - all of which boost mood and improve focus.

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