The new view: Measuring workplace productivity

Property portfolios have typically operated on a cost per m2 logic. Yet, until the late 80’s, it wasn’t known how much space was ideal for an individual office worker to work effectively. There was a market metric but it hadn’t been well investigated. Subsequent examination of space and desk revealed that, for many companies, there were actually healthy margins of waste to be eliminated, an insight that soon led to examination of the wider relationship between employees, space, activities and actual productivity. What became clear through was that a new property/productivity metric was urgently required.

Pepper Property blog - Measuring workplace productivity

Today, without such metrics, property managers are nevertheless expected to deliver, not only to portfolio productivity, but increasingly to workforce productivity. This has meant a definite shift in role and hierarchy for many property managers. The conversation is becoming one held within C-suite, which is key to understanding and managing property as a strategic asset. But in the absence of accurate and agreed common frameworks and measures, it is a problematic accountability. The relationship between the building, the person and the work can be assessed but the metrics need to be fit for the task.

A new form of productivity focus is finally emerging, one driven less by economic logic and more by a model of value creation. Connections are being made between peoples’ experiences, the spaces they work in and what that can deliver in return when you design to optimise them. Those involved have rightly made the distinction between the measure of productivity for an industry and the measures applied to spaces that drive productive activity. It is this promising development that can take us firmly forward.

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